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WiseFins recently had the opportunity to interview Thierry Giraud, Vice President Food and Beverage at Accor, a major player in the hotel industry. This exclusive interview provided insights and perspectives from a recognized leader in the Food & Beverage sector.

Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok

Bangkok, the vibrant capital of Thailand, known for its bustling streets, cultural landmarks, and delectable cuisine, is also home to a growing number of sustainable hotels. These establishments combine luxurious accommodations with eco-conscious practices, allowing travelers to enjoy a guilt-free stay. In this article, we will explore some of the best sustainable hotels in Bangkok that exemplify environmental responsibility without compromising on comfort or style.

WiseFins Menu Engineering

Menu engineering is about strategically engineering your menu to maximize profits and enhance customer experience. It is an essential concept that F&B businesses, whether it’s a restaurant, cafe, or bar, should understand and implement to thrive in today’s competitive market. In today’s digital age, automation is revolutionizing the F&B sector, and leveraging automation for menu engineering can empower F&B professionals to unlock new levels of efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

Stepan Marhoul, Almanac Hotels

Stepan Marhoul, Corporate Director of Food and Beverage for Almanac Hotels, discusses the importance of sustainability within the hospitality and food industry. He recently agreed to speak to WiseFins about the Almanac Hotels’ strategy.

Best sustainable hotels in Singapore: Parkroyal on Pickering

Many of Singapore’s hotels are sustainability advocates. Discover hotels that are at the forefront of green initiatives.

picture of a restaurant - sustainability

To remain competitive, it is important to have innovative features and services that help you stand out in the highly competitive environment of the hospitality industry. We’ll look at the hospitality industry’s main trends for 2023 to help you prepare for the new year.

Vegan menu items in restaurants and hotels

Demand for plant-based food recipes and creative beverage options continues to grow at an accelerating rate. Serving vegan cuisine is a non-negotiable move for restaurants and hotels looking to grab their share of this new billion-dollar opportunity in the food business.

The past few years have certainly been difficult for the travel and tourism industry, not only due to Covid, but also due to major environmental issues around the world. From north to south, from east to west, many countries have been affected by events ranging from air pollution and droughts to wildfires and sea level rise. Leisure and business travelers alike have new priorities and needs. Sustainability is more important than ever in both segments. The role of sustainability in the hospitality industry has become a big topic: the sector is now responsible for around 1% of direct global carbon emissions.

Axel Férard embarked on a 5,500-kilometer bicycle Tour de France to raise public awareness of good practices to fight against climate change. This young 30 year old sportsman from Le Havre is not a newcomer. He already has behind him several sporting challenges during which he had the idea to progressively associate an awareness of our way of eating and managing our waste. WiseFins had the chance to talk with Axel about the importance of developing sustainable food, here is our discussion. 

The chief Amélie Darvas opened the Aponem restaurant dedicated to cooking food from their vegetable garden.

The chief Amélie Darvas and her partner, the Brazilian sommelier Gaby Benicio, left Paris in 2018, for the ‘Monts du haut’, Languedoc (Hérault, France). They opened the Aponem restaurant dedicated to cooking food from their vegetable garden that is wildly successful.