A 3-in-1 online software!

An online software, without the need for installation or training, allowing hoteliers, restaurateurs and food professionals to:

  • Calculate and reduce the environmental footprint of food
  • Measure, manage and optimise financial performance
  • Communicate their environmental engagement

We are part of a generation
demanding change

A team with a clear mission: “contribute to reversing climate change
by transforming hospitality into a resilient industry,
protective of the planet and its inhabitants”

We exist to serve the planet

WiseFins is devoted to democratising sustainable solutions contributing to the reduction of environmental impact
linked to hospitality and the food industry, by spreading the use of practices,
products and lifestyles that are protective of the planet.

News & Articles

August’s Mystery Guest

A food that you are all familiar with but may not be aware of its ecological impact. Can you guess what is it?

The Founders

Portrait de Jérôme Pagnier co-fondateur wisefins


Co-Founder | CEO

20 years in hospitality and the food industry, including 15 years at Hyatt Hotels & Resorts. Former Director of Food & Beverage for the Grand Hyatt Singapore. Since 2018, on a mission to reduce the environmental impact of food.



Co-Founder | COO

Hospitality and technology expert. 14 years spent in China working in management for Ritz Carlton, Hyatt, Intercontinental; 4 luxury hotel openings in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Since 2019, he is laser focused on building the most viable hospitality technology.



Co-Founder | CTO

20 years experience in software architecture. 14 years as Chief Architect, notably for Volvo Renault Truck, managing large projects involving up to 1,600 developers in 12 countries. Since 2013, he is the CTO at Nexess, leader in industrial IOT.

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