Frequently Asked Questions

Environmental and financial software that reduce environmental impact and optimise costs for hotels and restaurants

Good question ! Directly on the webpage by first clicking on “Request a demo”. There, you can make an appointment with a Wise Team member who will assist you with your subscription.

From the beginning of implementation to roll out, depending on the volume of data, it can take anywhere between 1 and 2 months.

It is preferable but not necessary. We also work with batch filing.

WiseFins collect your recipes: either automatically, thanks to connectivity with your inventory software, either manually, via excel files.

At the same time, we collect all the real-time data from the cash register and the purchasing software. These data are cross-referenced with environmental databases, in particular the Agribalyse database of ADEME.

We transcribe this data in the form of a dashboard, engineering menu, and recipe management module.

You can have a continuous improvement approach with the opportunity to improve the recipes on a daily basis and thus, reduce cost and impact.

Read more about the software features.

WiseFins needs :

  • Your recipes via excel or your inventory system.
  • The revenue data from your POS system.
  • The cost data from your inventory/sourcing system.

The only thing required apart from the technical aspect which is usually done directly with your other software providers is the input of the recipes and items into our recipe management feature.

The preferable method is a direct debit (SEPA, GIROPAY, Credit Card, etc…) for monthly payments. But we also accept up-front quarterly or annual payments via bank transfer.

We do not have any setup or implementation fees. The monthly rate is all that you pay.