Optimise Costs. Boost Profits. Reduce Emissions.

A Software Designed For F&B Outlets

WiseFins enables F&B venues to measure and optimize their financial performance while reducing their environmental impact.

WiseFins software increase your financial performance while reducing your environmental impact.

Increase Profits

+15% or more

with real-time data analytics


Improve Productivity

+ 30 Hours

by automating time-consuming admin

Reduce Emissions 

-30 Tons 

by selecting climate-friendly ingredients

Speed Up Decision Making with Data Insights and Track Operations Better

Why Is Sustainability a Revenue-Driver For Hospitality and Restaurants?


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Get Real-time Recommendations that Impact Your KPIs, Costs and Environment

Financial Performance Optimiser

Environmental Impact Calculator

Real-time Data Collection

Key Performance Indicators

Smart recommendations

Menu Engineering Tool 

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