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On How To Run A Purpose-Driven Business.

Are you also tired of companies thinking that purpose and financial success do not go hand in hand? Fortunately, we have observed in the past few years the immense rise in purpose-driven start-ups that proved that consumers are hungry to buy products and services that contribute to a better future for the planet. Based on a Cone Communication study, 95% of Millennials prioritize the purchase of good cause related products. Here is a list of some of our favourite businesses we have been following for a while.


Think triple bottom line: People. Profit. Planet.

We are huge fans of Stephanie Dickson and her team of Singapore-based Green is the new Black. Stephanie’s ‘wakeup call’ happened while she was discovering the polluting and socially corrupt nature of her previous industry. She knew she had to be part of the solution instead of the problem. Together with her Co-Founder Paula they are now running a widely popular ‘Guide to Conscious Living’ along with sustainable festivals where people can learn how they can take their ‘Little Green Steps’. 

Stephanie believes that ‘purpose-driven businesses are the businesses of the future. It won’t be long before businesses with triple bottom lines (people, profit, planet) is the only way to survive. Build with the future in mind and solidify your position and mission with the future for us and our planet.’ 


Take a stand for what you believe in

The alternative protein market has been growing exponentially with fantastic new local brands over the past few years. Gone are days when the only vegan meat alternative was a falafel sandwich. Among the successful new players is HEURA – Europe’s fastest-growing plant-based meat brand – that produces plant-based chicken chunks and strips, beef patties and meatballs. ‘My mission has always been to eliminate animals from the food system equation and I always seek for the best way to have a higher impact. When I was younger, I was an activist generating undercover documentaries and rescuing animals. But 5 years ago, I realized that the most impactful way to make the current food system obsolete was creating solutions.’ so Marc Coloma, Co-Founder and CEO of HEURA.

If there was one advice he’d give to entrepreneurs, it is that ‘a powerful mission is the strength in business. Believe in it and don’t be afraid of taking risks.’


Give your employees purpose

One of our latest discoveries are the folks at Good Jobs. The ‘match-makers of the working world’ were founded in 2016, a year where interest for jobs with a purpose was becoming ever more noticeable. Working professionals really started to care more about the ‘Why’ of companies and put social and environmental engagement at the forefront of their requirements.  Lina Kruse, Project Manager Communication & PR at Good Jobs told us ‘With Good Jobs we primarily want to help people find a job with purpose and inspire them at the same time. We believe there should be more than just the maximization of profit in the working environment. Topics like sustainability, social engagement and personal fulfilment have gained more importance than before. At the same time, we want to support sustainable and social organisations to find the right workforce. With this match-making we are hoping to be able to change the working world sustainably.’ 

Currently still primarily serving the German market, GoodJobs sees the community as their core value: It is all about working closely with a motivated community, ambitious partner organisations and a network that shares the same values. ‘We don’t do this out of our own interest but to make an impact. This community has a big advantage: We grow together, primarily organically, by benefiting from synergies and working towards the same objectives: Giving people a purpose for what they do because they make a positive impact.’ says Lina. Hop over to their website or subscribe to their newsletter – we promise inspiring content.


It’s not about being perfect. Transparency is the key.

With the mission ‘clean bottles for clean water’ Soulbottles is a Berlin-based start-up founded by two then-students that developed a solution to fight the consumption of plastic water bottles. Initially producing specially designed glass bottles by hand, the demand grew rapidly beyond their circle of friends. After a very successful crowdfunding campaign in spring 2013, Soulbottles is now certified B Corp and employs 70 people. Not only are the bottles 100% plastic free, toxin free and carbon neutral but their sales also contributed to about 1 million euros investment in providing clean drinking water, hygiene and sanitary facilities to over 70.000 people – With every Soulbottle sold, 1€ goes to the non-profit organisation @Viva con Agua.

‘We make decisions based on whether or not it will help us reach our purpose, and even though not everything we do is perfect we still share it transparently with our community. Having a purpose, a positive attitude and display transparency could be considered the secret of our success.’ according to Eva Fischer, Campaigns & Partnership Manager at Soulbottles.

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