Environmental & financial performance software

Hoteliers, restaurateurs, patissiers, bakers, if you are a food industry professional you can now measure and reduce your environmental footprint, while having full control over your financial performance.

Environmental footprint

Help reduce carbon and water footprint

Financial performance

Help increase revenue and optimise costs

New loyal clientele

Help in communicating to eco-conscious consumers

WiseFins collects data from the establishment’s existing software ecosystem; Calculates the environmental footprint and financial KPIs; Makes them available to visualise on dashboards; Analyses the KPIs and recommends the steps to take in order to reduce environmental impact and increase margin; Helps in communicating the environmental footprint to the consumer.

No installation or training needed
Accessible from any location
Affordable prices
Automatic recommandations
Cost optimisation
Consumer marketing
Customisable dashboard
Secured data

How does it work ?

Collect & Cross

  • We connect and collect the data from all existing software in the establishment automatically.
  • The data is cleaned and crossed with our environmental database.

Analyse & recommend

  • We analyse the KPIs in order to evaluate the levels of environmental and financial performance.
  • We automatically recommend changes that can be made in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce water footprint and optimise margin.

Calculate & display

  • We calculate more than 300 environmental and financial KPIs.
  • These KPIs are then displayed on customizable dashboards, updated in real time.

Communicate with consumers

  • We facilitate communication with consumers by providing tools to display environmental impact on menus, or receipts.
  • We put our clients forward by featuring them on our social media platforms and other channels of communications.
  • We develop a loyalty program rewarding the reduction of environmental impact using a consumer application.


99€ per month
  • Environmental impact
  • Financial performance
  • WiseFins community access
  • Chatbot & Email support
  • E-learning


180€ per month
  • Environmental impact
  • Financial performance
  • Automatic recommendation
  • Communication kit (menus, website, receipts,…)
  • WiseFins community access
  • Chatbot & Email support
  • E-learning


1170€ per month
  • Environmental impact
  • Financial performance
  • Automatic recommendation
  • Customisation (KPIs, reports, …)
  • Consulting support
  • Improvement tools (resource center, partner ecosystem,…)
  • Communication kit (menus, website, receipts,…)
  • Sustainability report
  • WiseFins community access
  • Chatbot, Email and Phone support
  • E-learning