The first Lab-Hotels aiming for self-sufficiency

To eat, work and stay healthy without compromise while protecting the planet and its inhabitants.



Multi-concept offer focused on vegan and cruelty free experiences.



Tourist, digital nomad or resident; no matter the duration, your stay will be without compromise and protective of the planet.


Fidelity Program

Become a member and be part of a community of superheroes protecting the planet.

Business Intelligence BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE We develop a digital tool that reduces the environmental impact and optimizes the financial performance of our properties. Based on BigData and Machine Learning technology, this solution is a major asset in our fight to reverse global warming. Urban Agri 2 URBAN AGRICULTURE We host vertical agriculture, greenhouses and urban gardens onsite or satellite, many solutions that help us get closer to food self-sufficiency. Cellular Agri 2 CELLULAR AGRICULTURE We cultivate our own meat from cells in an effort to eliminate the need for animal husbandry and slaughter. Plant-based PLANT-BASED PROTEINS We produce 100% plant-based alternatives to animal products. Renewable Energy 2 ENERGY EFFICIENCY We use ancient solutions and the latest in climate tech to reduce electricity consumption. WASTEWATER TREATMENT We reduce the water consumption of our properties by recycling 80% of wastewater using aerospace technologies.